Step Up For Safety



You have created the most powerful behavioral safety video I have ever watched.  I am currently using the 20 minute version as a kick off for our company's behavioral safety training. Thank for taking the time to remember your son in a way that is aimed at preventing the next injury.

Carol L Jamrosz




(1) Brian's Story Video

There are two videos available of the presentation "Brian's Story". The first one was recorded at the BST User's Conference in 2007. It has been edited down to 52 minutes but keeps intact all of the concepts that are in Jeff's live talks. Jeff discusses the injuries of war vs. "Just a Job", "Would I be Comfortable Watching My Son/Daughter Do the Job This Way?", and ends with "Brian's Story", describing Brian's life and the events that lead up to Brian's fatal accident

Price: $395.00 Plus $9.95 S/H

(2) Brian's Story "You Can Make a Difference"

The second video is a shorter version "Brian's Story, You Can Make a Difference" that is geared more for use in safety meetings that are 30 minutes or less. It is a premium DVD that has two versions of Jeff's talk, a 20 minute version and a 10 minute version. Both of those talks are in Spanish also. The DVD also has bonus interviews with Jeff, his wife, and friend Mac that can be used in additional safety meetings.

Price: $595.00 Plus $9.95 S/H

In addition to powerfully describing the loss of a loved one, Jeff calls each viewer to action by stressing the following critical safety points:

  • Never forget that safety statistics represent real people.
  • Think about every job before you do it.
  • Look out for your co-workers; have the courage to speak up.
  • Ask "what if" to try and foresee unexpected hazards.
  • Inspect equipment before use.
  • Be aware of pinch points, line of fire and shifting loads.
  • Everyone can make a difference; get involved in safety.